Impressions of Albrecht Dürer for Museo Civico di Bassano del Grappa from factum-arte on Vimeo.

'Impressions of Albrecht Dürer', 2019
© Óscar Parasiego for Factum Arte

Film realised for the exhibition 'Albrecht Dürer. La collezione Remondini' curated by Chiara Casarin. Bassano del Grappa 2019”

Albrecht Dürer is widely considered the finest printmaker of all time. On a technical level, the detail of his copperplate engravings is without compare. He made the earliest surviving etchings, and his studio produced 360 different woodcuts which radically sophisticated the method. Through these artisanal techniques, Dürer produced some of the most beloved images in Western art such as his woodcut of the Rhino, and the most compelling, Melancolia’s message continues to intrigue scholars to this day. These works feature in Albrecht Dürer. La collezione completa dei Remondini, an exhibition curated by Chiara Casarin. Taking place in Bassano del Grappa from 20 April to 30 September 2019, it is the most important exhibition on Dürer’s graphic corpus that has ever been realized.

To accompany this exhibition, the team at Factum Arte has made a film which captures the different printmaking techniques used by Dürer and his assistants. Following the hands of artisans, Impressions of Albrecht Dürer demonstrates the different manual and chemical procedures involved in engraving, etching and woodcut. The film takes us from the forge, to the acid room and to the printing press where the different quality of line produced by each method is revealed. Finally, it looks at ways in which printmaking methods are being reimagined today with the aid of new technologies.

Focusing on the manual dexterity and attention to detail which so distinguishes both Dürer atelier and Factum Arte’s output, the film is a celebration of printmaking skills past and present.

Produced at Factum Arte by Oscar Parasiego

Artistic design and research by Constanza Dessain

With the collaboration of Mike Ward, Silvia Álvarez, Julia Vallinot, Miguel Hernando.

Music: Josquin Des Prez: M. Pange lingua & Tu Pauperum Refugium

Thanks to: Nathaniel Robin Mann, Alfonso Morales